investment auktie


There are various investments in viable and growing businesses and projects across the United Kingdom and African countries. These are guaranteed high Return On Investments.

There are various target or goal based investment services that involves investment of resources in different asset categorisation such as capital and money market instruments, real estate, oil and gas, agriculture and other viable returns-generating sectors. We also facilitate the purchase and sale of debt instruments issued by third-parties for the purpose of achieving the investment goals of our clients.

We support the development of investment capabilities between businesses in the United Kingdom and African countries by working with several partners and stakeholders to ensure that investment funds are made accessible to our clients.

We work with investors and businesses or entrepreneur with investment needs, understanding requirements through consultative approaches and identifying the right venture capitalist, grants or loan facility. 

Several banks are embracing risk sensitive capital treatment. The possibility of using investment capital requirement outcomes as equity makes this more glaring. AUKTIE  solves this issue by making funds available to businesses by exploring options like IMCI+ Group International, Department of International Trade, USAID and EXIM bank to name a few of the different partners that we work with to ensure that the needs and goals of all our clients are met.