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Partnership Development

We support UK and African businesses and organisations to develop viable partnerships by matching innovations with enterprise. Development of B2Bpartnerships between the United Kingdom and African businesses. We use a customer – centric approach when assisting different potential partners to do business.

A business in Kenya that produces briquettes is looking for a market in the United Kingdom where the product is used for fuel and kindling to start a fire and is a core product for a London based business. We facilitate the meeting between the seller and the buyer, as well as ensure that an equitable trade took place.

A business in Nigeria that needed reactors for biofuel production as part of alternative energy requirement to supply electricity to a rural community. We identified a reliable seller of reactor in the United Kingdom and supported both parties to transact business on a 50,000 litres capacity equipment that is worth £1.5 million.

An entrepreneur in Rwanda is looking for funds to scale development of an hotel chain in Kigali. We assisted him to source for investors and made sure that all legal aspects of the deal was well prepared and the transaction properly finalised.

We support B2B partnerships clients with additional benefits on how to